Features to assist crew managers.

  • Create, assign, and update work orders from your location
  • Real-time status updates come straight to your device
  • View crew locations in real time on the map
  • Live chat feature keeps you in constant communication
  • Work order updates immediately visible to your crews
  • Frees your phone line by keeping communications direct
  • Saves precious time allowing you to stay focused


Features that help crew productivity

  • Work orders and directions go directly to crews, eliminating the need for crews to return to the office
  • Real-time updates to work orders allow crews to stay focused
  • Integrated Navigation gets crews to jobs without hassles
  • Crews can update work orders on location, allowing greater flexibility
  • At day’s end, crews can update remaining work orders without having to go back to the office
  • Chat feature allows discreet communication between crew and manager


Increasing efficiency and profits

  • Save time and money by assigning work orders to crew members directly, eliminating costly running to and from your office location
  • Mapping and tracking features allow you to have a bird’s eye view of your entire operation, greatly increasing your efficiency and thus, your profits
  • Standardized built-in reports allow you to track crew efficiency, productivity, and internal costs…PLUS we can customize data collection to fit your specific needs
  • Monitor business activity on daily, weekly, and year-to-year comparison and form projections to keep you at the helm of your business
  • Identify trends in business easily and flex to maintain the best practices for progress
  • Track crews more closely so you can give recognition to your best people and know who may need more assistance and/or training
  • Compare planned vs. actual time on individual jobs so that you can maintain the highest level of production and efficiency